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Welcome to NorCal Aussie Rescue, a California State nonprofit public benefit corporation. Our Federal Tax ID number: # 26-0076953. We rescue, evaluate and then place wonderful Australian Shepherds in just the right new home. This takes time! We do not adopt out of state.

Aussies can be moderately active to extremely active, needy or independent, child-friendly or child-intolerant. Aussies are not always good with children. Most of our Aussies are strays and we cannot be assured they are good with children. Read more about Aussies: Is An Aussie the Right Dog For You.

Please make sure you view our Shelter Listings as well as the Related Links because there are many nice dogs in shelters that have very limited time. Choosing the best possible home for each individual dog is a very time consuming task - please be patient! If you are interested in adopting one of our Aussies, please fill out an Adoption Application. If you've submitted an application, please be patient...we receive 20-30 applications per day. Thank you!

dogs adopted in 11 years of NorCal Aussie Rescue! We average an adoption every other day. Your support makes this possible. Thank You!

Please Sponsor an Aussie!
Each foster dog gets at least one trip to the vet for vaccinations, worming, tests, altering, and has any health concern addressed. In addition to vet bills which are 1/3 of our annual budget, we have on-going expenses for Solid Gold food (we get wholesale), treats, beds, collars and ID tags, as well as Sanctuary expenses like satellite, electricity, taxes, and gasoline for the van. Not including vet bills, our typical expenses are $450-$500 per month. Please consider an ongoing monthly donation to help us continue. Thank you Ken & Phyllis, Tootie, Paula, Meri and Barbara for your monthly gifts! Donating is simple and quick with PayPal!

Dogs posted on this web site have been screened or temperament tested to the best of our ability.

Slide show! Photos! Slide show!
Kim and the sanctuary kids on a hike
There is always something fun to do at the Sanctuary! Aussies are too smart to let get bored. Here's a slideshow from a recent jaunt.

We need FOSTER HOMES & VOLUNTEERS! We need to grow our volunteer base to better handle our success!  more info »
If you are interested, please fill out our online form or call Kim at (530) 268-1600 or email

Aussie Adventures
We think traveling with our Aussies is a lot of fun. Please email us a photo of you and/or your Aussie on a travel adventure, and we'll post it. Tell us where you went and what activities you enjoyed together!
View Aussie Adventures ›

We will not place our Aussies in homes with children under 12 years of age unless it's an Aussie that we know has lived with small children.

LOST AUSSIES: Check our Facebook page for updates on Lost Aussies.

Sweet Seniors
WWe feel it's really important to make room at the Sanctuary for seniors who end up in shelters. Many have passed through our doors and found wonderful, loving homes. Some of them spend the rest of their lives with us.

We offer a place for you to pay tribute to your beloved Aussie and invite you to email us a photo and tell us about your special Aussie so we might add them to our memorial page.

Rather than feeling sad, we hope that you feel encouraged that we gave them a wonderful life. They certainly enriched ours.

See our new memorial page.

We built a Memorial Garden at the Sanctuary
For a $1,000 donation, we will create a custom, 6" X 8" bronze plaque with your Aussie's photo & your sentiments.

Training plays a huge part in the relationship you have with your dog or dogs. We recommend and often require at least one obedience class with your dog. If we can't set you up with a trainer, go to and click on "How to Choose a Trainer" to learn about different training approaches. Then click on "Dog Trainer Search" to find one near your home. We think you should observe a class before signing up.

Read a Newsweek article about puppy mills Please share this article with anyone who is considering buying a puppy from a petstore or over the internet.

We have ANGELS who will match your gifts!
Please help us by making a generous gift that will have twice the impact! Your donations in honor of our 8th Annual DINNER UNDER THE STARS on SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 will replenish our tapped Medical Fund. Invitations to our event will be mailed this week!

Save a Life, Foster a Dog


Thank you for helping us pay for Katie's Double Knee Surgery and Physical Therapy

Katie was going to be put to sleep, but a vet tech called us to ask if we could help her. She was over fed and reached almost 90 pounds when she tore her ACL in both knees straight through. We paid for her surgery and for 2 weeks of physical therapy so she could walk again. Katie is now 75 pounds and on her way to 45 pounds. Our bill was close to $6,000 and we'd really appreciate your help!  Donate with PayPal

A Message from Kim3/11/15

We rescued Katie (pictured above) in November. I'm thrilled to say she's down to 70 pounds and gets around better DAILY! Her transformation is a joy to experience! She's living large in Capitola and everyone she meets LOVES her! Make a Donation with PayPal for Katie

Just returned from vacation and want thank Loretta, Sandra, Karen, and Jeannie for fostering for us. I'm also grateful to Lisa and her crew at the Animal Den for boarding my dogs, and to Kathy and Jon for care taking up at the Sanctuary.

Now it's back to business......

We took in a 15 month old blue merle named Ringo whose owners could no longer care for him. He's a doll! Can't live with cats.

We took in a 7 year old mini red merle girl named Sadie whose owners brought her to the shelter to be put down because she growled when the 5 year old child came near her food bowl.
Sadie plays fetch as long as you like, isn't interested in playing with the other dogs, and is RIVETED to my side after only knowing her for 15 minutes. Showing absolutely no signs of food aggression here, even around other dogs.

NEW FROM AMAZON! AmazonSmile: a program where .5% of your purchases can be directed to NorCal Aussie Rescue. Just go to and designate us as your charity of choice and go shopping! Thank you!

Rhett had double pneumonia and stayed in intensive care in the hospital for 6 days. His vet bill exceeded $4,200.
Make a Donation with Pay Pal for Rhett

Our Reunion was wonderful! Thank you all for coming and showing off your wonderful kids! Thanks again to Sue Wilson for making a video of our time together!

Please consider fostering one of our dogs.
Fostering makes a huge difference in these dogs' lives because they get lots of one-on-one time with a the Sanctuary, they all share one person... me! Fostering also helps to "lighten my load" here so I have more time to write newsletters, research foundations, take dogs to the vet and, oh yes, rest!

Sometimes we're so crowded at the Sanctuary, that I need to board dogs elsewhere. We spend more than $4,000 annually for boarding. You can help by fostering, or by making a donation with PayPal. Thank you!

See the fun by watching Sue Wilson's video of our Reunion in June 2013 Video:

2012 Reunion at Pt. Isabel!

Special Needs Dogs are Just Special
If you think it's a disability, just check out the video of Bailey (now named Emma) running around with Ammo in her new home.

Archive of Kim's messages

Still News

NorCal Aussie Rescue is featured in BARK Magazine. Thank you Marcia!
BARK magazine

Go to Shelter Aussies to see the beauties who've lost their homes. Also look at Owner Listed Aussies...they are in trouble too. If you'd prefer a little dog, please look at Pocket Dogs

Donations may be made using your credit card with Paypal or by check made payable to NCAR, Inc and mail to our post office box::
NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc.
10556 Combie Rd, PMB #6200
Auburn, CA 95602
PH 530-268-1600/FAX 530-268-9911

You can print this PDF for mailing your donation. THANK YOU!


Norcal Aussie Rescue Inc
If you'd like to give a monthly gift using your credit card, simply click here to sign up with Paypal.
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THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CAME TO OUR 8th ANNUAL DINNER UNDER THE STARS! Thank you Julie (Annie's Mom) for these 40 awesome photos!

40 pictures


Follow our adoption stories on Facebook! Follow our adoptions stories on Facebook!
Gifts for Aussie Lovers
Check out the new page of Gifts for Aussie Lovers and help support NorCal Aussie Rescue.
New 2012 wines available! Sonata blend is $15 & Solaire is $20/bottle.
New Wine Label

Dinner Under the Stars 9/14/2013
Thank you to everyone who attended our Dinner Under the Stars!
See photo:Dinner Under the Stars photos
We appreciate your support which helps us say "YES" to every Aussie in need. To donate, just click here! THANK YOU!

Donations to NorCal Aussie Rescue
Donations may be made using your credit card with Paypal or by check made payable to NCAR, Inc and mail to our post office box:
NorCal Aussie Rescue, Inc.
10556 Combie Rd, PMB #6200
Auburn, CA 95602
PH 530-268-1600/FAX 530-268-9911

You can print this PDF for mailing your donation. THANK YOU!

If you are interested in fostering, please submit an Foster Home application by clicking on VOLUNTEER.

Champion Propwash RECKON won best in show at AKC Nationals. See videos of finals

View the great VIDEO of the reunion
NorCal Aussie Rescue Sanctuary
This is a great introduction to the work we do at the sanctuary!
Watch all the YouTube videos Sue has created for us on our multimedia page.
We often rescue dogs with special challenges or talents that require a certain living situation. Lily is a perfect example of a loving Aussie with 1 quirk!


Want to know more about what we do? Read about adoptions of some of the dogs that have come through our doors.

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